Sandra 45/45

1. What do you think the benefits are of getting tutoring during the IB?

Amidst the IB turmoil, it is difficult to tread the path on your own. At school, it is impossible for the teacher to cater every student’s need. The tutors from MG have both the knowledge and experience of guiding students to excel in IB. By tutoring, you will get to know the most effective way to study for and surviving IB, such as how to please the examiners with the appropriate IA terminologies and the right way to revise the study materials efficiently. The tutors are always there to show us the way that no one else could.

2. What was the most difficult part of IB for you?

Time management. IB is infamous for being stuffed with assignments that weigh quite heavily in the final grade: FOA, IOC, internal assessments, extended essay etc. Additionally, these assignments are far from easy. If that is not challenging enough, the exams syllabus carries both breadth and depth. I had a hard time balancing between handing in quality work and revising for the examinations.

3. What are your opinions of MG study hub (environment, teaching quality)

Superb is the only word that had sprung into my mind. The environment is comfortable, yet clean and tidy enough to maintain focus on your studies. Private tutoring guarantees a highly personalised learning experience, be it the teaching style, content or pace. One thing never changes, though, and that is the efficiency of the tutors’ delivery. I have sought and found the most effective revision strategies during the lessons MG. The tutor’s patience is fathomless. Accompanied with their friendliness, I find my studying experience in MG extremely pleasant and fulfilling.

4. What part of your IB journey did MG help you out the most?

The whole IB journey, I would say. The chemistry and mathematics tutorials, the Internal Assessments and biology EE polishing-sessions… All these have been essential for me to strike a full IB score. Personally, I am infected with laziness and procrastination sickness. The tutors in MG really helped in driving me to strive for excellence, to kick up my working efficiency, as well as to improve my intellectual performance.

5. If you were to introduce students to MG what would be the first thing you say?

‘It’s amazing! It literally saved my IB scores!’ I’m not exaggerating for the sake of advertisement. If it wasn’t for MG’s help, I would have flopped my IB score pretty badly.

6. Recommendations for improvement?