MG Circular August 2020

THE MG CIRCULAR – August 2020 

Safer solutions for the same outstanding quality of teaching

We hear you. 

At MG, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to and evolve with different trends. This can be attributed to our versatile, industry-leading teaching frameworks. Before this period of uncertainty, we had already put in place flexible teaching protocols facilitated by online Zoom lessons. 

Yet, we are aware of burgeoning concerns about lesson quality in the long term. In order to refine the student experience as a whole, we introduce MG Digital: an interactive and comprehensive learning platform that is tailored to the individual and conducted purely online, while providing transparency to parents in real-time.

For the first time ever, MG Digital opens the doors for parents to step in and observe student lessons through YouTube live streaming. We are confident that this new level of transparency will better showcase the high-quality teaching of our tutors.

To learn more about additional features and how MG Digital takes academic tutoring to the next level, click the button below.

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We are happy to announce the IB score breakdown for the MG Class of 2020


Click the button below to view important test dates for the schools Canadian International School (CDNIS), Chinese International School (CIS) and West Island School (WIS). Please note that these are based on the test dates of previous years and are only approximations for this academic year.

If your school does not appear here, please get in contact with us.

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The ACT may be easier for you if:

  • You are really fast at completing your work. Being a quick reader helps to understand and comprehend the questions and prompts.
  • You enjoy science and are good at interpreting data and trends. This is important for the ACT science section, as it contains a lot of data analysis components.
  • You prefer using a calculator over mental maths.
The SAT may be easier for you if:

  • You are not a fast reader. This is because SAT passages are generally shorter.
  • You are good at mental math. The non-calculator portion will be advantageous to you.
  • You are good at reading between the lines and finding tricks which examiners have placed.


Click the button below to view administration dates and deadlines for the SAT.

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Click the button below to view administration dates and deadlines for the ACT.

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At MG, we celebrate excellence. Although scoring 98% on a test is absolutely an excellent result, we don’t just draw the line at academic results. Tutor or tutee, excellence comes in many different forms for us, whether it be an outstanding work ethic, the ability to make others smile or just being authentic and unique. 

Our spotlight for this month features our very own: Donald Lee!

Frequently found to eat burgers by having the buns first, then using a fork and knife to finish off the patty. Also will not eat any food with bones in it.
A.K.A.: Donny, Dondon, dondonthedevil, Cristiano Donaldo, Inspector Gadget,The Lion

As the longest serving knight of the MG Kingdom, Donald is a titan of tutoring. Seriously, his work ethic is a force to be reckoned with. Donald works tirelessly (we’ve never seen him sleep) to ensure his students submit their Internal Assessments on time, even with those pesky last minute individuals (you know who you are). Known best for toiling away into ungodly hours of the night teaching students in different timezones, his co-workers have long harboured suspicions that he is actually a robot.

Yet, anyone who meets Donald is soon privy to the reality that at the core of this android is a heart of gold. Kind and empathetic, he has never once lost his temper. In fact, we offer a prize to whoever can finally push him over the edge. If patience is a virtue, then this man is virtuous to the nines. On one occasion, Donald had to remind a final year IB student that the area of a rectangle is its length multiplied by its width. Despite being confronted with every maths tutor’s greatest nightmare: “If it’s not in the formula book, then how would I know?”, Donald was able to keep a straight face (at least until the lesson was over). We have since cut ties with that student.

Under his guidance, you can rest assured that no concept is too complicated to be taught, and no question is too stupid to be asked (maybe). If you see any loose nuts or bolts lying around the office, please return them to Donald.


If you know anything about MG, then you know that we are made up of a group of quirky and eclectic individuals. Beginning next month, Humans of MG will show you all of our wacky antics in comic form!

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