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In response to the Covid epidemic and to allay any worries and issues regarding online classes, MG Study Hub has launched MG Digital. MG Digital is a fully interactive and comprehensive online learning platform that increases transparency with parents while also maintaining the same teaching quality and style that our tutors are known for. 

Transparency for parents

In order to maintain transparency for parents, a livestream will be created for every class and it will be visible via a private link that will redirect parents to the official MG YouTube account. Tutors will send the link directly to you via WhatsApp when class begins. To ensure privacy, the livestream will be active only during class time. No records will be kept. 

Maintaining teaching quality for students

All classes will be conducted via the official MG Zoom account. Zoom is known for its low-latency, meaning the video is always high quality and without lag. Our MG Zoom account has a premium subscription that allows group classes to run without interruption. Tutors will always have their cameras on so that physical diagrams and minutiae can be properly explained. 

Additional benefits of online teaching

We strive to ensure that our teaching services never stagnate. To this end, we have made sure that our online teaching not only maintains the quality of face to face lessons, but also improves on the student experience.

Notes created by tutors during class time can easily and quickly be converted to PDF and sent to the student, saving time normally spent on copying down notes from the whiteboard, rubbing out and resetting. 

Zoom’s multifunctional toolkit allows on-screen annotations of any page, as well as an integrated whiteboard for diagrams. Screenshare can be used to quickly share the tutor’s work with students.

Students and tutors can work together in real time and edit the same document, reducing time wasted on rewriting edits. 


Our team of tutors have worked tirelessly to find new methods to ensure students stay engaged and focused during class such that not a single second of their time is wasted. We believe that by increasing transparency and embracing contemporary educational technology, both students and parents can continue to enjoy the same unparalleled quality of teaching.

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