Academic Consulting and Advising

One of MG Study Hub’s special offerings is academic consulting and advising. We believe in providing our students with the most assistance that we can give them, and that means carrying our help and responsibility beyond the classroom.

Academic Coaching

Our academic coaching program is an all-inclusive academic management system that aims to ensure continued and consistent success in all parts of a student’s journey. Students are paired with an experienced coach who will oversee and work with the student on all academic matters from small homework to exams.

The coach will be responsible for creating a calendar and internal homework management system for each student, updating subject-specific reports from MG tutors, booking and liaising with MG tutors as needed for each student, and advising on university choices. The coach will also provide monthly reports to parents and study tips and other insight to students.

Besides from a positive attitude and willingness to work hard, students will be expected to provide login in formation for their own school emails and school management systems, meet with their coach a minimum of one hour a week on Zoom or in person, and maintain constant communication via Whatsapp to update his or her coach on school matters including grades, activities, due dates and more.

University and High School Admissions Consulting

We provide consulting services for students seeking admissions to universities and high schools local and abroad. Our consultants will advise students on admissions strategies. This includes making course recommendations tailored to suit each applicant’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests, helping students keep track of their application processes, practicing interviews with students, and organizing standardized testing dates and strategies. Consultants will also spend time with students to craft their personal statements and college essays, making sure that they are able to reflect students’ best qualities and core values. By working closely with students, consultants will be able to help their students to the best of their ability.

Interested in or have questions about our coaching or consulting services? Contact us!