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Merry Christmas!

Santa Don makes his yearly comeback

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!

And presents for all!

Christmas is a time of coming together. Families, friends, even enemies (frenemies?) come together during Christmas to celebrate love and friendship. It doesn’t matter if you’re religious – Christmas is a happy time!

So, we want to start off this issue of TMGC with a warm wish for a happy holiday season – whether you’re taking a holiday or not.

The office is in a festive mood, come and say hi – we’re still open over the holidays and would appreciate the company!

Naturally, as the holidays approach, so did exams. But weeks of late nights, early mornings – with some students staying late to work independently – paid off.

We made it, guys! Here’s to another year!

Have you been naughty or nice?

Trick question – you’re all nice kids! But it’d be very naughty of you to not study all holiday period. As we always say, time off is the best time to work hard!

Here are some things we’d recommend you do over the holidays to stay on top of work –

1. Know your new year exam and test schedule

It’s likely that your teachers have you use your break as a time to catch up on work and revise topics. There will definitely be tests when you get back – that’s a given.

But also be aware of any big tests such as summatives and mocks that may already have been announced (but hidden under piles of emails and other paperwork!)

Don’t let them sneak up on you!

2. Finish your coursework!

You know what students put off even more than revision? Coursework.

While school tests feel more serious, your coursework actually impacts the final grade. IAs and Core work (such as the TOK essay) are sent to the IB. They impact your grade by a very large percentage and should be prioritized when you have the time.

And when’s best to catch up on long essays? During the break of course! Plenty of time for research, planning and writing, and to get help from us!

3. Take a rest!

We’re not saying don’t take a break, we’re just saying to make sure you keep up the hard work during the holidays instead of coming back having to relearn material! And in any case, breaks are indeed for taking a break. You can’t do your best if you’re exhausted!

We’ll be operating more or less as usual over the holidays – Contact us at +852 5598 1833 or email us at for bookings. 


This month’s spotlight is an exponentially growing math tutor (and often confused for a high schooler): Sylar!

Sylar graduated from the University of Carlifornia in Irvine with a BSc in Science and Mathematics. Although it seems surprising (and maybe even weird), he genuinely loves Math!

When he tells people, he gets one of two responses: You’re crazy or You must be a genius!

But the truth it, as he puts it himself “the more I study, the more I realize how dumb I am. I just enjoy the ineffable feeling of triumph when a problem is solved, especially when the result comes surprisingly” and it’s with this passion for fixing problems that he’s now with MG!

In his spare time, Sylar likes to try out different things. He spent a few months learning piano, snooker and rock climbing. He also spent a year learning Japanese and French (only to realize that languages aren’t his forte).

Meanwhile, between all that, he enjoys playing basketball, hiking and gaming. His dream is to become a singer! (the dream stays in his dreams).

Want to try a class with the weird and wonderful Sylar?
Message us at +852 5598 1833 to make a booking!

An End Of Year Message From The Team

We’ve reached the end of 2022! And what a wonderful year it is been!

We started this year moving into our current Compass Offices. Although the change was difficult to get used to, everyone gradually came to love the new space (for the alumni reading this – no longer needing to pick up every student has been a great help). 

We then went back and forth through several waves of lockdowns. One week we’d be having classes in person, and the next we’re not seeing each other for weeks!

Nonetheless, we all pulled through! Our 2021-22 cohort’s scores were incredible and students are now all over the world.

Our MG family has steadily grown this year as well with more tutors and students than we’ve ever had before.

We thank everyone for continuing to stick it out with us – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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