The MG Circular – Sept 2022



New school year, new school tests!

The work never stops!

Congrats to our IGCSE and A-Level Cohorts!

Everyone is amazing!

Even though the majority of our students are IBDP, that doesn’t mean we don’t show off our younger years whenever we can! This year’s GCSE and IGCSE results were some of the best!

100% of our small but mighty IGCSE cohort managed to get Level 9 (High A*) in Maths and Sciences

In addition, special congratulations to our A-Level student Kristy Yu who got an amazing 4A*s!

Some think that A-Levels are easier than IB, but that’s not true. A-Level students go further in depth although they have fewer subjects. You really have to become an expert in your subjects to succeed!

Luckily, all our tutors are experts in everything they teach –
contact us at +852 5598 1833 for help!

Help! Tests are coming!

We’ve only been back to school for two weeks at most! Why are there tests already!

Every student asks this question in early September. The answer isn’t that teachers want to make you stress, but instead they want to test where you are after a long summer break.

Even though all you MG students have been continuing tutoring (and so are definitely in practice!), not everyone will be.

Regardless, we all want to get top marks. Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • This is unlikely to count towards your report grades

Even though these are important tests, teachers know students will have forgotten a lot over summer. These tests will give both you and your teacher a good idea of where you are currently. You’ll definitely be able to boost your grade in the future if you don’t do as well as you hoped!

  • Your teacher will likely be mean!

Well, they want to make you a little bit stressed but for good reason! Your teachers want you to work hard, and so they’ll likely be a bit harsher in this first test of the year.

  • It’s a good chance to figure out your weak spots

Especially for final year students, this is a great chance to use exam circumstances to figure out what you know and what you don’t know! Even if you worked hard over summer, exam circumstances are a completely different beast!

Let your tutors know if you have a test coming soon, we’ll be able to run exam scenarios with you to make sure you’re prepared!


TOK Questions are out (shh it’s a secret)

Our secret gift to you

The TOK essay is understandable one of the biggest headaches for every IB student. Even though you get several months to do it, figuring out the needlessly philosophical questions, finding real life situations, making arguments and sounding smart is not easy!

Luckily, as MG students, you get something no one else does: early access to the TOK questions. The IB released them on 1/9, but most schools haven’t released them to students yet.

Don’t say we don’t treat you well 😉

The following are the official TOK questions for the May 2022 cohort.

As always, get in touch with us by calling or WhatsApping +852 5598 0767 or sending an email to so we can give you a hand!


This month’s spotlight the newest full time member of the MG team: Carmen Kong!

As newly appointed as the manager and senior English teacher at MG Study Hub, Carmen is responsible for the operation of center and of course, teaching!

Carmen obtained her bachelor’s degree in English Literature at Goldsmiths, University of London followed by a master’s in Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong.

In her over 10 years working in education, she’s not only been an excellent tutor in all the international syllabi including IB, IGCSE, IELTS and SAT but also a consultant. She is a enthusiastic educator and eager to help her students to enhance proficiency in the English Language and Literature.

In spare time, Carmen is a film buff and book worm. She is always happy to share with her students and friends whatever new books and films she’s been ravishingly consuming. She is also passionate in cooking and making dessert.

But her all-time favourite hobby is traveling. Everyday is just another day waiting for her next adventure with family and friends!

Do come say hi to her if you are at the center!

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