The MG Circular – June 2022


Congratulations all around!

It’s time for celebration!

Raising a glass to all of you

For the past few months, every issue of this circular has been dedicated to reminding all of you to work hard before the final exams. Now we’re glad to say that all exams are over! It’s time to celebrate and take some much needed R&R!

Nothing feels better than sitting in the exact same seat but not needing to study

It’s been a loooooooong journey. Tiring but exciting. Remember how you were at the beginning of your IB journey? Having just picked your subjects then, how many students expected the changes that took place in just two years. IAs, TOK, exams, harsh teacher marking, tutors yelling for homework. Bad reports, good grades; it’s all over now.

Whatever you choose to do over the summer before going to university, make sure to catch a break and relax. I’m sure many of you want to get prepared in advance and maybe even start picking up material, but don’t let yourself get too stressed. After all, you did just finish one of the hardest secondary school diplomas in the world!

We at MG have also been taking breaks with a much needed massage to take off the stress before the summer rush!

Don Don the Machine gets a much needed oiling

Don’t be a stranger. We’ll still be around, so come say hi if you’re in town (and especially before you go abroad). In the meantime, are you doing anything exciting over the summer? Let us know so we can feature it in next month’s issue!

But what about results?

Not to ignore the elephant in the room – of course, we all want to know what we got in the end! After all, you need to meet your offers to actually go to University.

Hey, here’s a tip for you: believe in yourself.

You did your best, and whatever comes, there’s nothing you can do at this moment.

And what’s more, even if something really terrible happened, there are still ways to get into good Universities. For example you can:

  • Remark
  • Go into clearing
  • Re-apply
  • Have a deferred entry

Of course, MG students always do their best and it’s unlikely you’ll need to do any of the above 😜. But naturally if it comes down to it, we’ll be here to help.

Results come out July 5th. Until then, focus on taking a break and working on yourself!

What about mocks?! Coursework!

When all your friends are in final year, but you’re still sitting mocks and have a test next week 🙁

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you non-final year students! Many of you have now finished internal school mocks, and lots of you then asked us questions about what the internal mocks mean for predicted grades. So, here’s a quick explanation:

The mocks are your school’s first chance to properly assess how a student might do in their final exam. Mocks are normally part of the data a school uses to give you your UPG (University Predicted Grades). These are the grades you use to apply to University.

However, mocks are not the only indicator for a UPG. Coursework already handed in (such as the TOK exhibition for most schools) takes more priority because those are IB tasks. In addition, schools will look at a student’s whole body of work throughout your first year to assess if you will do well.

Also, teachers take into considering what students are like after summer. For instance, if a student clearly works hard over the break, they can still pull up their UPG in the first term of their final year. You can also ask your teacher on what they want you to do to get your grades up.

In short:
Messing up your mocks doesn’t automatically reduce your UPG.

What we recommend right now for first year IB students is to focus on doing good in coursework due before the end of the year.

For most schools, this includes the full English IO, IA ideas/plans for math and sciences, the TOK exhibition and a summer plan for the EE.

All these things will help boost your grade overall!

If you’re worried about any of the work still to do, make sure to contact us for help at: or 5598 1833.


The MG spotlight is a chance for students and staff to show off their talents and stories. We try to give everyone a chance to shine on the spotlight. So, this month, considering the end of exams, we wanted to showcase someone we’re particularly proud of:

MG is nothing without our student body. No matter what you get in the end, we’re so incredibly proud of every single student. We’ll definitely be keeping track of what you’re doing once you get to university, so don’t be a stranger and say hi before you go!

And a special shout out to a little souvenier that two graduating students left for us, MG’s newest mascot who lives behind the monitor in Klaudia’s office:

Thank you everyone for the gifts – we’ll treasure them forever 💖

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