The MG Circular- February 2021

THE MG CIRCULAR – February 2021 

Fortune favours the bold

Taking things a step further
Now that 2020 is well behind us, we’re excited to forge ahead and tackle new challenges. Regardless of what this new year has in store for our community, we’ve got some things up our sleeves to elevate your MG experience.
Whether you’re an IB student stuck at home and trying to stay motivated during Zoom classes, or a university student trying to find the meaning of life, you’re going to want to read on.


Seriously – ask us ANYTHING

You’ve seen gamers do it. You’ve seen live concerts on YouTube. You’ve even seen mukbangers stuff their faces with food in real-time.

Now it’s time for our tutors to step up to the virtual stage!

MG Live is an interactive learning program that gives you the freedom to ask our tutors any burning questions that you have about your IB subjects in real-time, however general or specific. Starting this month.

Sessions will be single subject-focused, so keep an eye out on our social media for scheduling of upcoming sessions.

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To learn more, please get in touch with us by calling or WhatsApping
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Here to support you until the very end!
Just because it’s the end of your IB journey, doesn’t mean it’s the end of your MG experience.

Our team of expert university consultants is committed to making your transition from secondary school to university as easy and seamless as possible. For professional advice about specific universities, including vital know-how about different courses, accommodations, societies and more, please sign up for MG University Consultation.

But that’s not all.

Just as we can help you achieve your best IB grade, our MG University Tutoring Program can help you maintain your academic success throughout your higher education. Available only for selected subjects.

To participate, please get in touch with us by calling or WhatsApping +852 5598 0767 or sending an email to


If you read last month’s Circular, then you already know that MG is a fully registered company in the UK.

Our HK team has been hard at work laying the foundation for our plans overseas. Our ultimate goal is to give around-the-clock academic assistance for our community and we are currently in the process of putting together an equally spectacular team in the UK.

In addition to secondary school tutoring, our UK-based team will provide on-site support to facilitate our MG University Consultation and MG University Tutoring Program.

If you are interested or know of any qualified UK-based talent who can join our ambitious and dynamic team, feel free to get in touch!


At MG, we celebrate excellence. Although scoring 98% on a test is absolutely an excellent result, we don’t just draw the line at academic results. Tutor or tutee, excellence comes in many different forms for us, whether it be an outstanding work ethic, the ability to make others smile or just being authentic and unique.

It’s no secret who writes the MG Circular, so I figured I would allow myself an introduction. This month’s Spotlight is me: Eugene Ng!

If there’s anything you learn from my Spotlight, let it be this:

You’ll figure it out. 

To be honest, I can’t exactly pinpoint why I chose to go to law school near the end of my IB journey. Maybe it was the parents or the prestige. I also can’t exactly tell you why after graduating, I chose to give up the lawyer’s path and try my hand at being a chef. Maybe I was just hungry.

And then I joined the MG team. Like any other fresh undergrad, I picked up tutoring just to earn some extra income, but my responsibilities slowly grew from there and now I’ve been part of this wonderfully wacky community for more than two years.

While it’s impossible to say that I’ll stay part of the MG team for my whole life, I’m grateful for my time here and I take comfort in knowing that wherever I end up, I’ll figure it out.

So, give yourself the time to try different things and eventually things will fall into place. You’ll figure it out.

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