The MG Circular- December 2020

THE MG CIRCULAR – December 2020 

A season of gratitude and learning

Celebrating milestones as we prepare for the road ahead


It’s been a long year but we’re finally here. If you’re reading this then that means despite a whirlwind of unit tests, internal assessments and a global pandemic, you made it out in one piece! Give yourself a pat on the back. 

Here at MG, we believe in the value of rest and relaxation, especially after the stress of predicted grades season. While this is by no means an excuse to become complacent (we’re looking at you, procrastinators), it’s important for you to mentally recharge in preparation for the challenges that await you next year. 

The instrument to your IB Music success
That being said, post-holiday amnesia is a real and diagnosable condition that we’ve observed time after time, particularly after our students gorge themselves on butter and ice cream during the festivities. 

In this case, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ couldn’t ring more true. The MG IB Mocks Revision Program is the prescription you need in order to retain all the hard-earned knowledge and crucial exam know-how that you gained over the past few months. Just what the doctor ordered. 

Available for all IB subjects.

To participate, please get in touch with us by calling or WhatsApping +852 5598 1833 or sending an email to



IB Year 2 Students

After the new year, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in the midst of playing catch-up with all the tasks you put off doing before the holidays. Here’s a broad plan that you should be aiming to follow a few months into 2021 (this may vary by school).

By end of February 

  • Complete revision of all chapters for concept-based subjects, including but not limited to the Sciences, Maths, Economics and Business & Management
  • Complete annotations, quote collection and analysis for all prescribed texts in English Literature/Language & Literature

By end of March

  • For concept-based subjects, start practicing past paper questions by topic 
  • For English, start practicing unseen analysis for Paper 1 and write practice essays for Paper 2

By end of April 

  • Conduct full exam drills to test performance under timed conditions, with the aim to complete all past papers from 2010-2019 by the end of this month

IB Year 1 Students

While it’s not necessary for Year 1 students to adhere to the above plan, getting good predicted grades is as important as doing well in your final exams. You’re expected to give unit tests, internal assessments, and mocks your best shot to maximize your predicted grades, so this is no time to slack off!



At MG, we celebrate excellence. Although scoring 98% on a test is absolutely an excellent result, we don’t just draw the line at academic results. Tutor or tutee, excellence comes in many different forms for us, whether it be an outstanding work ethic, the ability to make others smile or just being authentic and unique. 

Our spotlight for this month features MG’s very own: Cyril Ma!

How this man looks 12, 24 and 36 at the same time is beyond us
Cyril Ma – is he a poet? A musician? Maybe an actor? Or a diva? If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are absolutely right. As a man of many talents, he could easily add competitive eater to that list without any additional effort. Known around MG as ‘The Abyss’, Cyril is an unstoppable force that will devour anything remotely edible and more. His coworkers have theorized that he was born with a rare genetic condition that prevents him from ever feeling full. ‘Leftovers’ is not a part of his vocabulary.

Cyril is the proud father of three feline juveniles and it seems that the apples don’t fall far from the tree. As three of the few beneficiaries of the global pandemic, Eggplant, Vermicelli and Sticky Rice have been conditioned to meow up a storm during Cyril’s Zoom classes because they’ve learned that if he’s talking to the computer, then he has to shut them up by offering treats. 

If you’re ever at the MG office and want to say hi to Cyril, look for the bearded gentleman with long, majestic locks of jet black hair. Just make sure he’s not busy delivering a transcendent masterpiece of a lesson in his subjects of English, Music and Theory of Knowledge. Rumor has it that one of these lessons was so captivating that a student’s computer caught on fire. 

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