The MG Circular- November 2020

THE MG CIRCULAR – November 2020 

Smart work over hard work

Time to drill.


To all IB students: be afraid. Be very afraid. Whether you like it or not, predicted grades season is here.

If you’re in your first year and you think “it’s only my first round of predicted grades. I have until the end of IB to bring up my overall score,” think again.

If you’re in your second year and you think “there’s really not much more I can do about my predicted grades at this point. Let’s just take it easy to maintain my score,” THINK AGAIN.

Now, let’s get to work. MG is here to help you turn your fear into confidence and reach your full IB predicted grade potential.

What our Past Paper Boot Camp actually looks like. More learning, less yelling.
There’s the typical way to prepare for your upcoming unit tests…

1. Stare at a 6 mark question with your mouth open for ten minutes.
2. Furiously turn to the mark scheme and be left even more confused in the first place.
3. Give up and swear revenge upon John Goormaghtigh, the founder of IB, and his descendants.
4. Rinse and repeat.

Then there’s the smart way…

1. Systematically write down each of the required 6 points using one of MG’s stupid but effective mnemonics/memorization techniques.
2. Throw your mark scheme out the window because you know you got all 6 marks.
3. Have gratitude for being rescued from a lifetime of meaningless and inefficient revision.
4. Rinse and repeat.

The MG Past Paper Boot Camp is the fastest and most efficient approach to familiarize yourself with answering tricky past paper questions in a precise and organized way. Available for all subjects.

To participate, please get in touch with us by calling +852 5598 1833 or sending an email to


MG values working smart over working hard, so we’re here to show you our favourite IB revision tips. We have plenty more secrets and know-how to share, so get in touch with your usual MG tutor to stay informed. For now, take a look at our B.U.T.T.S. (Brilliantly Underrated Tutor Tips & Secrets).


At MG, we celebrate excellence. Although scoring 98% on a test is absolutely an excellent result, we don’t just draw the line at academic results. Tutor or tutee, excellence comes in many different forms for us, whether it be an outstanding work ethic, the ability to make others smile or just being authentic and unique.

Our spotlight for this month features MG’s honorary CDNIS liaison: Evan Lo!

Oh dear Evan – it looks like your friends have sold you out. 
Ever since this avid K-pop and J-pop listener joined our family 3 years ago, Evan has come a long way. Now he’s an avid K-pop and J-pop listener who is well on his way to becoming a member of the IB 40s club. Seeing MG in its infancy, Evan was attracted by our warm and welcoming working environment, even though our office was the size of a broom cupboard and we didn’t have as many learning resources available.

We asked the man himself about his personal thoughts on MG tutors.

“They’re the best, period. They’re able to make class time effective and enjoyable at the same time. Whenever we’re not in class, we’re goofing around and having a great time, but when we are, serious mode is turned on and I’m able to learn so much from them,” said Evan, who absolutely did not have a gun pointing at his head.

He was also kind enough to offer some words of advice.

“Beware of Angus. If you don’t get a good grade, he’ll make you cross-dress.”

We’ll let you decide whether this is true or not.

Some other things about Evan:

  • Goes by the name ‘Starstar’ online. He LOVES it when people address him this way so feel free if you see him around MG!
  • Can cook and bake anything but gingerbread.
  • Makes a group chat for every. Single. Occasion.
  • Recommends Justice League as the perfect movie to watch for a first date.
  • Cannot grow facial hair

Evan – if your facial hair growth is anything like your IB journey, then we’re sure you have nothing to worry about. We wish you the very best Starstar!

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