Celebrating our IB journey

As educators, we are very happy to announce our average IB point score of 40.4 in our 2017-2018 cohort. It was a genuine pleasure educating and mentoring these young minds at such a critical turning point leading to their adult lives.

Surviving through the IB isn’t an easy task. In order to get into a well respected university, you would have to master the 6 subjects and its exam techniques in order to obtain a 6 or a 7.

MG CLASS OF 2017.png


Students whilst immersed in a demanding academic environment, requiring brains, work ethic and time management skills. All these traits have to be combined harmoniously, in order to reach their ambitious personal academic goals. However, this is no easy task as coupled with all these personal and academic requirements students have to go through ever increasing stress, hardships and changes.

As a team not only are we in charge of their academics but also act as a trusted personal mentor. We all have compassion, empathy and patience to be the guiding constant in their lives. Making sure that the road to success in the IB will not be as bumpy emotionally and academically. Last but not least, we provide an environment where the students know that we understand these challenging times and they would not need to experience the IB roller coaster alone.

We are honoured to have the opportunity to ask a few students regarding the difficulties faced in the IB, how to succeed in the IB, and how our team aided them throughout. Check out the responses in our testimonial page!

MG Studyhub Class of 2017-2018, we hope that all your future endeavours will be rewarding and that your ambition will not dim.


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