IBDP IA Mastery Program – All Science Subjects and Mathematics

Among the more than three hundred students we have recently seen:

  • Over 50% IB students do not know how to plan for a good IA topic
  • Over 65% IB students were too late to make changes in their wrong experimental methods and results
  • Over 70% IB students cannot handle experimental data efficiently with Excel skills

This Mastery Program prepares students to excel in their IA since you will find out that:

  • The system and schedule of IA is related to how you manage working time on it
  • IA topic determines the ceiling of the final score
  • Skills are involved in evaluating the potential of an IA topic
  • Excel skills saves more than 90% of the data handling time compared to slow GDC typing

Formatting and IA draft is crucial before planning an essay on the experiment!

Master your science or math IA now – contact us today!

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